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Meyers Manx Manxter DualSport

Manxter DualSport

The DualSport Manxter fills the need for a stylish, significant, off-road machine that is still street-legal. Too many people spend serious dollars for an off-road machine that can only be used in restricted parts of the desert. The Manxter DualSport’s body was raised 3” to accommodate the attention given to the heavy-duty mid-travel suspension and the wheelbase has been extended by nearly 6” for better off-road stability. Though the basic body-style is the same as the Manxter 2+2, the stance of this car has a far more aggressive look.

  • The Meyers Manx proprietary front suspension sub-frame allows the Super Beetle chassis to be used – a real plus as they are far more available and less expensive.
  • The Meyers Manx proprietary transmission mounts allow the transmission to be tipped up for more departure clearance.
  • The Meyers Manx proprietary steering assembly allows for a 1½ x 1 ratio rack & pinion steering box.
  • Yes, it fits on a stock VW Beetle chassis. The Manxter Dualsport uses a stock VW Beetle chassis of the IRS vintage ('68 - '74), including the Super Beetle.

Again, the Manxter DualSport can use either a VW engine or the reliable water-cooled engines such as the Subaru, allowing this car to be dually capable on the street as well as off-road.

Basic Do It Yourself Kit

Price: $8,545.00

Parts Included:

  • Body with new 3" taller design
  • Hood
  • Air Box
  • 3-piece Dash with Glove Box & Dash Panel (gauges not included)
  • Shock Covers
  • Windshield Surround assembled with Windshield
  • Proprietary 6-point steel “Top Support Cage"
  • Side Intrusion Bars
  • Rear Trans/Horn Mount
  • Proprietary Transmission Mounts
  • Proprietary Steering Assembly (Steering Box not included)
  • All street-legal Lights
  • Most Necessary Fasteners & Hardware Included
  • 1-Year Complimentary Manx Club Membership or Renewal
  • Front Meyers Manx Emblem and Serial Number Tag

Driveline and chassis not included. We use all brand new components in our do-it-yourself kits.

Gelcoat Color Choices Included:

We offer a choice of four solid gelcoat colors included in the price of the kit. Metalflake and custom colors are available for an additional cost.

Mouse over color to see photo
Dragon Red
“Just Right” Yellow
Orange Sherbet
Lime Green

Manxter DualSport Options

Optional Metalflake Gel Coat Colors
Additional $400.00

Mouse over color to see photo
Canadian Blue
Apple Red
Shimmering Sand
Gun Metal Grey

Custom Solid & Metalflake Gelcoat

Custom Metalflake Gel Coat Color (Special Order):
Custom Solid Gel Coat Color (Special Order):

Fiberglass Hard Top

Fiberglass Hard Top in with Installation Hardware Kit.

Black or White: $650.00
Colors: Ask for pricing
Manxter Fiberglass Roof

PRP Cage Covers

With foam padding & zippers. Available in colors. Shown in black.

Manxter Cage Covers

Top Support Cage 1020 DOM Steel Upgrade

The standard Top Support Cage comes in Mild Steel. Upgrade to stronger 1020 DOM Steel.

Manxter 1020 DOM Steel Upgrade

Proprietary mid-travel suspension Sub-Frame & Front End Assembly

Mild Steel: $2000.00
1020 DOM Steel: $2125.00

Manxter Subframe

PRP Premier Front Suspension Seats in lowback or highback

Front Seats in Vinyl w/ color options:
$289.00 ea

Pockets on rear of front seats:
$45.00 ea

Adjustable Headrests on Low Back Seat:
$70.00 ea

Manxter PRP Suspension Seats

For more details visit PRP's website

Rear fiberglass un-upholstered bench seat /w mounting hardware

Rear Bench Seat Cover to Match


PRP Competition Front Suspension Seats in lowback or highback

Front Seats in Vinyl w/ color options:
$359.00 ea

Fabric upgrades available.

Pockets on rear of front seats:
$45.00 ea

Adjustable Headrests:
$70.00 ea

License Plate Light


PRP Front Seat Tracks

These tracks slide.

Rear Skid Plate
Aluminum: $175.00
Rear Skid Plate

Nerf Racks
Metal racks for side of vehicle storage – raw steel.
Manxter Side Racks

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust
1 1/2" (ceramic coated):

1 5/8" (ceramic coated):

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust

Manxter DualSport Hanging Pedal Mount Assembly
Comes with a custom-fit dash tub at no extra charge


Fiberglass Radiator Wing w/ Mount
Does not include radiator

Primer: $440.00
Standard Solid Color: $515.00
Custom Color: $570.00
Metalflake Color: $625.00

Radiator Wing w/ Mount - Airbox Exchange
Does not include radiator

Primer: $320.00
Standard Solid Color: $390.00
Custom Color: $495.00
Metalflake Color: $550.00

Fiberglass Turbo Pipe Cover

Primer: $50.00
Standard Solid Color: $55.00
Custom Color: $60.00
Metalflake Color: $65.00


DualSport Front Bumper with Brackets
Shown with optional aluminum front bash plate installed.

Mild Steel: $410.00
1020 DOM Steel: $445.00

Optional Aluminum Front Bash Plate

DualSport Rear Bumper with Brackets

Mild Steel: $450
1020 DOM Steel: $495.00

*Prices subject to change without notice