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Meyers Manx - Kick-Out Manx

Kick-Out Manx Traditional

Meyers Manx - Kick-Out Manx
Meyers Manx - Kick-Out Manx
Meyers Manx - Kick-Out Manx
Meyers Manx - Kick-Out Manx

“Kick Out”: A surfing maneuver one makes at the end of the ride where he goes up and over the wave to finish with a bit of style and grace.

Re-body your old Manx-type with an authentic Meyers Manx Kick-Out! Save money, save time and save parts!

The Kick-Out is placed on a shortened chassis, preferably of IRS vintage, and shortened 14 1/2" now, however it will still fit on an older chassis already shortened 14 1/4".


An opening hood (access to wiring, fuel and added storage), 2” wider rear fenders for those larger tires you always wanted to use, optional vented sidepods for oil coolers, radiators or just good looks, optional rear deck lid with dual headrests.

Traditional Model Parts Included:

  • Fiberglass Body, Hood & Cowl
  • 2-pc Fiberglass Dash
  • Steel Dash Frame
  • Raw Steel Rollbar
  • Assembled Windshield
  • All Body Support Bracketry & Fasteners
  • Hood Fenderwelt
  • 7” Headlights
  • Kick-Out” Rear Emblem & “Meyers Manx” Front Emblem
  • Serial Number Plate (mounted on body)
  • Instruction Manual

Only $4,700.00

Remember if it doesn’t say Meyers, it’s not really a Manx!

Go to www.meyersmanx.info to find:

  • Build Instructions

Gelcoat Color Choices Included:

We offer a choice of four solid gelcoat colors included in the price of the kit. Metalflake and custom colors are available for an additional cost.

Mouse over color to see photo
Dragon Red
“Just Right” Yellow
Orange Sherbet
Lime Green

Kick-Out Manx Options

Optional Metalflake Gel Coat Colors
Additional $400.00

Mouse over color to see photo
Canadian Blue
Apple Red
Shimmering Sand
Gun Metal Grey

Custom Solid & Metalflake Gelcoat

Custom Metalflake Gel Coat Color : +$600.00
Custom Solid Gel Coat Color : +$200.00

Polished Stainess Steel Roll Bar Upgrade

Kick-Out Manx Polished Steel Roll Bar

6" Headlight Alternate

License Plate Light


Vented Sidepods

Primer: $380.00 / pair
Standard Solid Color : $420.00 / pair
Custom Solid Color: $445.00 / pair
Metalflake Color : $525.00 / pair

Kick-Out Manx Vented Side Pods

2 Piece Rear Deck Lid

Includes 2-pc fiberglass, hinged plywood bottom, special assembled top hinges, spring prop, trim and lock
Will fit Classic-style Manx's, Manx types and Kick-Out Manx's

Primer: $395
Standard Solid Color: $455
Custom Solid Color: $535
Metalflake Color: $540

PRP Premier Front Suspension Seats in lowback or highback

Front Seats in Vinyl w/ color options:
$289.00 ea

Pockets on rear of front seats:
$45.00 ea

Adjustable Headrests on Low Back Seat:
$70.00 ea

Manxter PRP Suspension Seats

For more details visit PRP's website

PRP Adjustable Front Seat Tracks

These tracks slide but do not tilt.

Rear Skid Plate
Aluminum: $175.00
Rear Skid Plate

Front Manxter style Polished Stainless Bumper /w brackets

Aluminum Front Bash Plate
Manxter Aluminum Front Bash Plate

Rear Manxter-style Polished Stainless Bumper /w brackets

Classic Manx 1-pc Hardtop
Vinyl-like textured fiberglass. Pick-up only.

Black: $450.00
White: $450.00
Tan: $555.00

Meyers Manx 1 piece hard top

Classic Manx 3-pc Hardtop
Vinyl-like textured fiberglass. Shipping available.

Black: $470.00
White: $470.00
Tan: $575.00

Meyers Manx 1 piece hard top

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust
1 1/2" (ceramic coated):

1 5/8" (ceramic coated):

Meyers Manx Sidewinder Exhaust

*Prices subject to change without notice